My name is Ana, I am a curious artist and illustrator driven by a genuine passion for painting and drawing. Drawing is part of my skin, my flesh, and my soul. I am in each line, in each stain and they are permanently constructing and deconstructing me.

I was born in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.
Brought up in the countryside, I was a strong-willed child who loved to learn, explore and create.

In my youth, I decided to learn more about painting and the creative process. This decision shaped my academic and professional path.
Sharing knowledge and experiences has always been an evident personality trait which led me to start a career as an art teacher.

My thirst for culture, art and a fascination in travelling and discovering, made me decide to move to London in 2015, where I am working as a freelance artist and an art teacher.


My practice intends to explore the relationship between human beings and Nature. Women, insects, and other natural elements are brought together, as a result of my fascination and longing for the natural world. My drawing idiosyncrasy and curiosity for colour and its transparencies are explored through a variety of materials but mainly watercolour and watercolour pencils on paper.
The creative process always begins with a drawing, usually from photographs and objects that I collect. Intuition has an important role in the artworks’ composition, as I allow myself to be free to make choices based on what I feel. Therefore, each artwork is an experience that results in a figurative style, expressing personal journeys to memories, emotions and symbolism.


For further information about me and my work, commissions, or purchase enquiries, please contact:
+44 7746265397


BA in Fine Art – Painting | Faculty of Fine Art, University of Porto, 2004-2008
   ERASMUS | Faculty of Fine Art, Complutense University of Madrid, 2007-2008

MA – Teaching Visual Arts | Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences + Faculty of Fine Art, University of Porto, 2009-2011

2017 – ‘ Human · Nature’ – Solo Exhibition | Westbourne Grove Church ArtSpace | London, UK
2017 – ‘Ser Mulher’ – Group Exhibition | Biblioteca Municipal de Barcelos | Barcelos, Portugal
2016 – ‘Oscilação’ – Group Exhibition | Hecoarte Gallery | Esposende, Portugal
2015 – Group Exhibition | Pillbox kitchen | London, UK

2008 – Artzende Group Exhibition | Casa da Juventude | Esposende, Portugal

Prémio de Pintura Fernando Castro | Ateneu Comercial do Porto, 2008
(Best student of the BA degree in Fine Art – Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Porto University)

‘The Awakening of the Ductus in the Teaching and Practice of Drawing’, 2011 | ERAS –European Review of Artistic Studies